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(1)A fool at forty is a fool indeed.
孔子云:四十而不惑。又云:年四十而见恶焉,其终也已。 (The person who at the age of forty still evokes the dislikes of others is a hopeless case.) 西谚谈的也是这个意思,只不过换了一种说法:到了四十岁还不懂得生活的人,就真的是一个愚人。正如另一句西谚所说炳烛夜读 ,Life begins at forty. 由此看来,四十岁是不惑之年,是一个人领悟生活真谛的开始,在这一点上,无论是东方抑或是西方,都有着共鸣。
e.g. John never lived up to the expectations of his family. Twenty years after college, he has accomplished nothing. Which reminds us of the proverb, A fool at forty is a fool indeed朴容夏 !
(2)Old habits die hard.
这句谚语说的是一个习惯问题。人们很难克服自身的惯性,总是喜欢走老路,或按照旧习惯去思考和行事,不管这种习惯是好还是坏吴黎敏 。这虽是人之常情,有时不免使人偏执,带来不利影响。如果要找出一个相应的中文成语来匹配的话,那就是江山易改,本性难移。 当然,中文这个成语里有些许贬义,但英文这句话本身的使用却不受褒贬的限制,有时还可能有自嘲的意思。
e. g.
A: Why, I have told Joe millions of times that he should leave his dirty shoes outside, but it seems he is just turning a deaf ear to my advice!
B : Come on, calm down. Old habits die hard, you know.
(3)Bad news travels fast.
正所谓 好事不出门 , 坏事传千里。 坏消息、小道消息总是不径而走布华泉,其速之疾,令人咋舌。这也许与人们的猎奇心理有关,越是有争议的话题越能得到人们的关注,bad news 自然就会大有市场,令人们奔走相告周世农 。
e. g.
A: Newman missed the championship by a mere 0.1second.The news just came out at noon, but now the whole city seems to be talking about it!
B: Yeh, bad news travels fast.
(4) Revenge is a dish that could be eaten cold.
很形象的一句谚语。所有的菜肴都必须趁热吃,唯独revenge 是个例外。君子报仇,十年未晚。
e.g. He has done serious wrong to his friends. You just wait and see. They will not let him go scot- free. Revenge is a dish that could be eaten cold.
(5) There is no smoke without fire.
无风不起浪,有水才行船。任何事情的发生都是有前兆的,流言的兴起有时也不完全是无中生有双阙txt下载。虽然说是坐得船头稳,不怕浪来颠(相似的西谚是Do right and fear no man)但风起于青萍之末,一只蝴蝶扇动翅膀就可能引起大洋彼岸的一场大风暴。做人、谋事,谨慎为佳。
e.g. No smoke without fire, sad the detective.
Smoke signals can be misread, countered Sloan.
(6) Every dog has its day.
(又作All dogs have their days)
e.g. You must not look down upon him.Though poor and gloomy. He could turn out to be outstanding one day. As the saying goes, every dog has its day.
(7) If you lie down with dogs, you win get up with fIeas.
e.g. Harry! How come youre back so late? Where have you been?
--Just to a friends.
--To a friend. Just for a glass of liquor, huh于志凌 ? Youre going to be drowned in 1iquor. Id say! If you lie down with dogs, youll get up to End yourself with millions of fleas!
(8) It is easy to find a stick to beat a dog.
人非圣贤,孰能无过。人们总会犯一些错误,也许做者无心但观者有意。有些小人金牌纨绔 ,自己抱残守缺,不干实事亚坦尼斯,却挖空心思,找别人的缺点和麻烦。欲加之罪,何患无辞?
--Did you know that Jeffs been fired?
--No. What for唐朝小地主 ?
--Jeff sometimes had ideas different from our bosss.
--Yeah, but Jeff hasnt done anything wrong李文迪 , has he?
--Well, boss is boss. It is always easy to find a stick to beat a dog.
(9) You cant teach old dogs new tricks.
e.g. Dont forget Wang is already 80.At his age, you cant expect him to learn the tap dance. You cant teach old dogs new tricks张雪清 , you Mow.
从以上的几则谚语我们可以观察到中西文化的一个有趣的区别贵妃记 。西方人经常用狗来比喻人,如,lucky dog(幸运儿),因为他们并不歧视狗。而在汉语中,有不少涉及狗的谚语和成语都是贬义的,如狗改不了吃屎、挂羊头卖狗肉、狗仗人势、狗嘴里吐不出象牙等。当然,英文中dog一词有时也带有贬义,但往往含义与中文不尽相同,我们使用时切忌望文生义。如It is a dogs life Chris is leading.某位教授认为a dogs life的意思是悲惨的生活,因而在一篇论及中英文化差别的文章中将其译成过着牛马不如的生活地铁楼兰女 。其实a dogs life指的是争吵不休,过着不安宁的日子。这类成语很多,如 go to the dogs(每况愈下),dog-eat-dog (狗咬狗的,损人利己的),dog in the manger (占着茅坑不拉屎的人)。还有一些没有任何褒贬涵义的用法,如 dog days (大热天),doggy bag (餐馆里的打包袋),据说,早先人们碍于面子,不愿明说要把剩菜带回家吃,佯称要带给狗吃,所以叫doggy bag 。
(10) Lightning never strikes the same place twice.
--How were your exams? All over?
--I really dont how. I did rather poorly last time. I hope Ill do better this time.
--Come on, dont worry about it. You are sure to pass. As the saying goes, lightening never strike the same place twice.
(11) One swallow does not make a summer.
swallow 是燕子。西谚说,一只燕子飞来不能代表夏天的来临。而中国成语却说,一叶知秋。两种说法各有其智慧。One swallow does not make a summer,强调的是要区别一般性与特殊性的辩证哲理;而一叶知秋体现的则是从细微的端倪窥见总体趋势的睿智。
--Hey向往神鹰原唱, look! The scores are already 2:1! Liverpool is sure to win, I bet!
--I dont think so. One swallow does not make a summer. Miracles always happen the last minute.